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Infrastructure Support – MQ Administration


  • Limited documentation
  • Limited alert setup for MQ issues
  • Complicated setup for DB replication

Solution Approach:

  • Monitoring queues, channels and queue manager statistics using MQ explorer, IR360 and manually
  • Providing the levels of access to users/applications for MQ objects such as queues, channels and Queue managers etc
  • Creating the MQ point to point setup
  • Creating client server architecture by creating server connection channels, client connection channels and tables

ATMECS Contribution:

  • Created alerts in all environments in case of any MQ queue manager goes down.
  • Setup a completely new MQ queue Capture/Replication architecture on Production DB servers.
  • Setup queue depth alerts based on thresholds
  • Setup re-processing of dead letter queue messages by using dead letter handler
Infrastructure Support – MQ Administration

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