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Disruption caused by the 2020 pandemic has been the catalyst to accelerate consumers’ readiness to adopt new digital media experiences pulling forward the future of technology for media and entertainment companies. As new technologies enable business models that are driven by consumer behaviour, they are opening the way to reconfiguration – and reinvention – by presenting opportunities for new user experiences, monetization, improved efficiencies and faster growth.

Content is being consumed anytime, anywhere, on any device more so than ever before. As the demand of direct-to-consumer streaming services increases, media and entertainment companies are scrambling to offer content libraries broad enough to both attract and retain audiences. This creates opportunities to “re-aggregate” their content with a wide array of offerings – from video, music, and gaming services with ad-supported content providing a curated personalized experience for the user.

Our Approach:

ATMECS understands the nuances of changing technologies and business challenges of the Media and Entertainment industry. Our approach is to harness the power of the latest technologies and our engineering expertise to deliver impact for our clients. We leverage and optimize the five key drivers of success in today’s digital landscape for our clients:

Understanding the 5 key Digital Business Drivers for success

Continuous Innovation

Business Improvement
Consumer Engagement
‘Top Secret’ Information
Operational Excellence
ATMECS, as a strategic technology partner, helps its media and entertainment clients achieve this paradigm shift. With our broad range of services and solution offerings, ATMECS enables our clients to reach beyond conventional growth and lay a solid technological foundation for future transformation and innovation.

Our Services

ATMECS offers a full spectrum of services tailored to meet the business needs of our Media and Entertainment clients. Through decades of experience and expertise in the Media and Entertainment industry, we have customized our offerings so as to accelerate innovation and time to market for our clients.

Our Work

Our battle tested teams have the experience, industry knowledge, technical skill, partner relationships, methodologies, global reach and passion to support our clients’ success and make their business vision a reality.

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Platform Engineering
NOC Services
Cloud Admin
IOT Platform

Our Team of Experts

Our subject matter experts are seasoned industry professionals who can provide thought leadership and strategic or tactical support on your next digital transformation initiatives.

Gayathri Malolan

Gayathri Malolan

Sr. Vice President



Jeffrey Caldwell

Jeffrey Caldwell

Vice President, Digital Integration & Cloud Partners

atmecs gopal

Gopal Durai

VP & Practice Leader, Media Broadcasting & Education Publishing

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