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Infrastructure Support – Network Administration


  • Limited or no documentation
  • Certificate monitoring issues
  • Complicated and manual workload for normal tasks
  • Limited monitoring capability

Solution Approach:

  • Solarwinds, Smokeping and MRTG Monitoring
  • NAT and Access Policy changes on Firewall
  • Creating IPSEC tunnel on routers between Data Center and AWS VPC
  • Creating and Managing BGP between Office and Data Center
  • Installation of new hardware and RMA processing
  • iOS upgrade on all Routers to the stable version based on security recommendations

ATMECS Contribution:

  • Migrated a dozen offices and three data centers firewall platforms to Palo Alto from legacy Cisco/Juniper devices, including full Palo Alto next-gen security suite implementation, all managed from Panorama
  • Securely connected multiple AWS and Azure cloud environments into multiple data centers
  • Implemented and configured a third party tool “OXIDISED” to take regular configuration backups from all the network devices
  • Deployed multiple Juniper Virtual Chassis, Virtual Chassis Fabric and Qfabric data center LAN deployments
Infrastructure Support – Network Administration

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