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Infrastructure Support – Linux Administration


  • Limited documentation
  • Varied flavors and versions across the enterprise
  • Space issues due to log files
  • Elevated access for developers leading to infrastructure issues

Solution Approach:

  • Implementing the RFCs
  • Managing the user global access through Third party AD environment
  • Solarwinds, Linux Configuration
  • Veritas Volume Manager Administration
  • Server Patching and year end reboots
  • Managing Servers through VMWare VSphere Environment

ATMECS Contribution:

  • Implementation of log rotation on multiple servers to save Disk space and which in turn helped in reducing Incident Volumes
  • Automated Daily routine tasks to reduce 40% of the tickets
  • Automated JBoss services
  • Implementing ELK-stack infra in the client environment for Centralized log and Log analysis
Infrastructure Support – Linux Administration

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