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Infrastructure Support – Virtualization


  • Limited documentation
  • Application dependency on lower versions
  • Lack of automation for basic tasks
  • Limited monitoring capability

Solution Approach:

  • Creation of new VDI’s, installing Citrix applications and assigning them to users as per the service desk request.
  • Monitoring Citrix internal and external environment using Citrix director and assisting Service Desk and NOC people for basic troubleshooting.
  • Handling issues related to VDI and applications connectivity.
  • Working on Citrix printing issues in various environments.
  • Resolving complex issues in NetScaler, Citrix controller and its components to reach SLA.
  • Reclaiming VDI’s which are not in use and decommissioning them with Service desk approval.
  • Troubleshooting slowness/connectivity issues for the users.
  • Resolving profile corruption issues and giving access to the shared folders/paths.
  • Organizing and maintaining environment with zero downtimes and doing daily health checks on the vcenter about the resources utilizations and taking actions against the alarms and alerts.
  • Deploying and configuring the VM’s with given time lines and putting them on the basis of resources availability.
  • Creating / configuring / mounting and unmounts the data stores if required.
  • Upgrading and patching the hosts with the latest releases before creating the run books for the release notes and effects on the environment.
  • Preparing new host profiles and duplicates for the troubleshooting / resolving and compliance check for the sub tasks, Device Configurations, PCI slots and issues with vmbha’s and nics.
  • Creating of new clusters and placing new hosts into the clusters with the vDS / NFS and iSCSI networks mappings with the provided networks.
  • Validating the hardware and configurations of the hosts before putting them into the clusters and doing the network configurations such as Host Vlan, Mgmt. Network / vMotion / NFS / iSCSI and FC.

ATMECS Contribution:

  • Successfully prepared and implemented POC on Xen Desktop 7.15 to upgrade the Citrix Infrastructure.
  • Automated health check and scheduled rebooting.
  • Automated Citrix password expiry notification using PowerShell.
  • Provided and implemented valuable solutions/ideas to improve operational efficiencies of Citrix environment.
  • Resolved, hosted, and shared server hung issues by coordinating with Citrix and Microsoft vendors.
  • Migration of applications from presentation server 4.5 to XenApp 7.6.
  • Documented Citrix Infrastructure with time to time updates.
Infrastructure Support Virtualization

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