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Infrastructure Support – Storage Administration


  • Limited documentation
  • Lots of redundant backups being performed
  • Setting up of appliance on AWS
  • Issues with deduplication ratios due to DB compressed backups
  • NetApp capacity issues due to skewed loads
  • Shared folder issues due to user error

Solution Approach:

  • Storage team advised the Customer about the Volume movement feature and implementing to the environment after Customer approval.
  • We will start planning to migrate volumes where more high I/O operations and more Storage Utilization. Storage Team will start migrating the volumes to other nodes after validating space and CPU utilization.
  • During Production volume migration, Volume move will initially migrate the source data to the destination storage and pass it under cutover phase.
  • We start communicating with Customer for the data cutover during Scheduled downtime to the dedicated Storage.

ATMECS Contribution:

  • SQL Server database of a particular application was protected by livevault backup solution and it costs 1500$ monthly per TB. To reduce the cost effect, we implemented NetBackup backup protection for these servers. Since these servers are hosted on AWS cloud, we built NetBackup Master server with S3 bucket storage unit on AWS to achieve better performance with minimum cost effect.
  • In future, we are looking to add more clients under this AWS master server, which application server are in AWS platform for better server management.
Infrastructure Support Storage Administration

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