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Infrastructure Support – Cloud Administration – AWS


  • Lack of Governance in the new environment
  • Lack of proper cloud formation templates
  • Requirements for a hybrid cloud model for different applications
  • Lack of proper thresholds for alerting

Solution Approach:

  • Make sure the operations run smoothly and resolve any production issues at the earliest without downtime
  • In case of an outage, follow it up with an RCA, at the earliest
  • Make sure that we can continuously monitor our application’s behavior and optimize alert thresholds based on historical data
  • Make sure that every change to the infra is recorded and documented in CloudFormation Templates (Infrastructure as a code)
  • Come up with new suggestions/recommendations as per the industry’s best practices
  • Try to use fully managed AWS service to have minimal operations overhead

ATMECS Contribution:

  • Implemented the best practices of DevOps as well as of Agile methodology across multiple environments in AWS
  • Implemented CI/CD pipelines involving Packer, Salt Stack, Jenkins and AWS for web app environments so that the client is confident about the changes in code and its deployment across server
  • Created several Jenkins jobs which run across multiple AWS environments to find AWS resources (IPs | ELBs | NameTags | ENICs etc.)
  • Created custom dashboards and configured SNS notifications for proactive alerting of any potential outages
Infrastructure Support – Cloud Administration – AWS

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