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Building IoT platform for an Ad network company

Client is the next-generation technology for digital, out-of-home market. It creates interactive experience of digital marketing anywhere, on any space. Client’s solutions allow its customers to elevate their physical locations, turning the into digital, social environments that add value and personality. Client’s open and extensible, Experience as a Service (EaaS) platform has five core capabilities: Automation Support, Control Network, Content Lifecycle Management, Ad Lifecycle
Management, and Experience Lifecycle Management.


  •  The application is exposed on the Internet, outside trusted on premise boundaries. It prevents malicious or accidental actions which can compromise security.
  • The changes made could degrade the performance to which users are accustomed.
  • High business complexity to design and maintain all the services
  • Advertisement schedule setup and running associated with Hardware setup, So need more resources


  • Maintaining test scenarios, test reports, and use cases for every new release of firmware.
  •  Analyzed embedded software modules to bring negative scenarios. Found at least one corner case in all modules.
  •  Documenting scenarios and test cases in confluence.
  • Found an issue while testing the module which doesn’t handle sound and video together. The client appreciated for
    doing R&D level testing for a future-focused feature.
  • By analyzing the functionalities, found some interesting issues which had not been fixed from so long as those
    scenarios are not straight away.
  • Ability to deliver on time.
  • Completing tasks within the sprint with increased productivity.
  • Ability to work on all hardware modules.
  • Working on high-end features correlating with trending market values.
  • Planning to implement automation for hardware.
Building IoT platform for an Ad network company

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